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The hottest emerging technology trends will have a huge impact on your digital journey and you need to be prepared. How can you use technologies like AI and 5G to unlock your digital future?

Dell Technologies sees these top four emerging trends changing the game in 2019:

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI and ML will usher in an era of explosive innovation igniting the next major epoch of the human experience. AI has broad applicability, spanning public and private sectors and markets of all kinds, from industrial to medical, from education to finance. Success with AI and ML depends on how companies evaluate new technologies, jump across the digital chasm separating humans and machines and learn to apply machine learning and other principles to business functions.

2. The Internet of Things

IoT is more than just connective tissue. It requires AI. In fact, we believe AI and the IoT must be a single, interdependent ecosystem spanning the Edge, Core and Cloud and that each of these stages can make the other one smarter and do the same for your business.

3. 5G and Edge Computing

5G is the hot new kid on the block with projections of up to 100 million connections by 2021. 5G is poised to transform the way we do business within edge datacenters and will offer new inroads to enterprises that previously had no opportunities.

4. Blockchain

Blockchain has been referred to as the most important technological innovation since the internet. It’s a lot more than just a cryptocurrency hook; it can also be used for digital identity management or be integrated at the data edge. Embracing a new perspective on how to implement blockchain within your organization can be a key driver to innovation.

At Dell Technologies World you’ll learn how to harness innovation, make your ecosystem smarter, set up your infrastructure to support 5G and Edge compute networks and gain a practical understanding of where and how to apply the latest technologies to your digital journey.

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