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Data is deeply intertwined with the narrative of human discovery. Names like Gutenberg, Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, Hopper, and Hawking are synonymous with the explosion and understanding of data. Human history can be described as a series of colliding events, where technological and scientific discoveries have made vast stores of data accessible to the masses. And right now, we are on the verge of another breakthrough. According to the Realizing 2030 report, we are living at the junction between digital transformation and the future of human-machine partnerships.

At no time before have we had access to this amount of data, and its influence is everywhere. We can see it in the field of autonomous driving, for example, and the way its permutations use AI to understand a vehicle’s surrounding environment. We can see it in the medical field, with the onset of rapid genomic sequencing, AI-graded contrast MRIs and nuclear scans, as they deliver highly accurate diagnoses in minutes (rather than hours). We can also see it in the development of digital cities, where the advancement of smart grids, micro-cells, and mobile edge computing have begun to impact our day-to-day lives. Yet, for every advancement we have made, new challenges have also emerged in transforming, securing, and understanding this data.

The value of data is contingent upon how it is used. Without transformation, data is meaningless. Without security, data can be manipulated to cause harm. Without insight and understanding, data is simply a pool of untapped knowledge. Dell Technologies can change this. Along with our partners, we are the most capable provider to transform, secure and provide insight into this data, now and in the future.

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