We’re building the Dell Technologies World Digital Experience together.


We’re building the Dell Technologies World Digital Experience together.

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We’re a team dotted across the world, finding new and better ways to come together and create a digital event like the Dell Technologies World Experience. We’ve worked together before, but this is different. We face the same challenges and opportunities you face; balancing work and home. Reassessing how to engage with our neighbors, friends and communities. And figuring out how to share stories of resilience and innovation. Devising engaging ways to bring you all you’d expect from a great digital event PLUS something else; that alchemy or synergy of information, technology and a bit of fun, too.

So far, we’ve secured the exclusive TED Salon where we’ll dive into emerging technologies and ideas to challenge and inspire you. There’s a full roster of live and on-demand breakout sessions ranging from Cloud and storage to AI/ML; 5G and Edge to data management and work from anywhere. Sign up early if you want a complimentary Proven Professional certification exam; this is a limited opportunity so let us know you’re interested.

We’re also collaborating with our customers and partners to find stories about practical innovation and how people everywhere are using technology to uncover new opportunities for growth and long-term resiliency.

There’s lots more still to come, so check back when you can and join your friends and colleagues on social with #DellTechWorld.

We’d like you to bring your vision, talent and business priorities to the Dell Technologies World Digital Experience, October 21-22. You’ll be able to access this complimentary, two-day event from anywhere.

Let’s find the way forward, together; innovate together; and define the future together.

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