VMware at Dell Technologies World 2021 will showcase Multi-Cloud Solutions for Any App


VMware at Dell Technologies World 2021 will showcase Multi-Cloud Solutions for Any App

Tracie Stamm, Scott Kelly and Anthony Larijani, VMware

If you are planning future-state architectures, you know that the development of modern applications and embracing multi-cloud technologies is critical. Mastering modern apps and multi-cloud tech is the backbone of an organization’s ability to deliver and capture the benefits of digital transformation. The need for IT organizations to rapidly evolve to meet the needs of the business is driving increased demand for digital-first services, accelerated cloud adoption and bolstered investments in modern applications and a hybrid cloud strategy.

This evolution has resulted in a model for cloud that is both increasingly distributed and diverse – with applications deployed across a range of clouds (both private and public) and at the edge. Today’s CIOs are facing challenges managing these heterogeneous environments with incompatible architectures, diverse management and operations and inconsistent security policies. How can they craft an elegant architecture to serve critical business needs?

To thrive in this new multi-cloud environment, organizations need the flexibility to build and run any application in the environment that fits its requirements and access a vast array of innovative services from multiple cloud providers. They need the right tools and infrastructure to allow them to accelerate their move to cloud. This includes solutions that improve developer productivity along with a unified model for security and operations at the level every enterprise demands.

At Dell Technologies World 2021, we are excited to highlight three breakout sessions focused on how VMware Cloud and VMware Tanzu can help you accelerate application modernization, run your applications on any cloud and do it in a secure and scalable way.

VMware Cloud™ delivers multi-cloud solutions that bring the innovation and freedom of every cloud with the simplicity of one.

With VMware Cloud, you can work seamlessly across every cloud as you migrate, modernize and operationalize your application infrastructure. The result is ultimate agility, reliability and security for your infrastructure at the lowest total cost. With the launch of VMware Cloud, VMware is announcing new offerings that bring a more integrated experience to customers.

Breakout session: Two Peas in a Pod: Managing VMs and Kubernetes Side by Side is Easy with the Right Cloud Platform

VMware Cloud Universal™

This is a new flexible subscription offering that delivers enterprise-class multi-cloud infrastructure and operations by combining compute, storage, networking, management and modern application services with customer entitlements to flexibly deploy VMware Cloud infrastructure across private cloud, local cloud and public cloud.

Breakout session: Supporting the Multi-Cloud Platform with VMware Cloud Universal

VMware Tanzu™

A family of products and services for building, running and managing modern apps in the cloud — and continuously delivering value to your customers. The portfolio simplifies multi-cloud operations, while freeing developers to move faster with easy access to the right resources. VMware Tanzu enables development and operations teams to work together in new ways that deliver transformative business results.

Breakout session: How to Deliver Modern Apps Like a Boss

Learn more about these VMware solutions:

VMware Cloud Universal

VMware Cloud

VMware Tanzu

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