Dell Technologies World breakout sessions: a journey and a destination


Dell Technologies World breakout sessions: a journey and a destination

At Dell Technologies World, you can design your own experience to meet the needs or your organization and your career path. With more than 200 breakouts, hands-on labs, interactive demos and live Q&A sessions, you’ll discover how to take your IT strategy forward into the data era.

Breakout sessions will show you practical examples of the cloud-enabled, on-demand simplicity, flexibility, security and predictability your organization needs to unleash the promises of our data-centric future. Sessions are a mix of conversations, round tables and presentations featuring subject matter experts, customers and innovators.

Any journey begins with the first step; here’s a sample of the rich topics you’ll encounter in breakout sessions at Dell Technologies World.

Introduction to Project APEX

Learn how Project APEX from Dell Technologies can deliver Infrastructure-as-a-Service in your data center, colocation facility, or edge location—enabling you to quickly, easily, and securely drive digital transformation in your organization. Learn More >

Focus on Outcomes with Project APEX Storage as-a-Service

IT organizations are faced with increasing complexity and management overhead. What if you could focus on outcomes, not infrastructure? Learn how Dell Technologies makes consuming data storage as simple as using essential utilities such as water and electricity with the elastic, outcomes-based Project APEX Storage as-a-Service offering. Learn More >

Modern Storage Done Right: A Deep Dive into Project APEX Storage as-a-Service

Managing unpredictable growth, limited resources, and complex tech refresh cycles in your current storage environment can prove daunting. A modern Storage as-a-Service solution can alleviate management stresses. In this session we'll dive into how Dell Technologies is delivering on the promises of as-a-Service agility and simplicity with Project APEX. Learn More >

What’s Next in Collaboration?

The right tools can help employees stay engaged and productive. Thus, developing a collaborative, agile workforce is a priority for organizations.* In this session, you will learn how the landscape of flexible, anywhere work has been transformed, and how Dell Technologies prioritizes a holistic ecosystem of collaboration devices, designed to facilitate effective communication between remote and on-site employees. Learn More >

Choice and Simplicity at the Edge: A Conversation between Edge and Telecom Leaders

With the expansion of 5G, there is an exponential growth in edge computing. Given its dynamic nature and the convergence of multiple technologies, this is a complex space. Attend this discussion with Dell Technologies leaders from Edge and Telecom businesses to better understand how we can help. Learn More >

Private 5G: A path to Multi-cloud Success

Limitations of the cloud—bandwidth, latency, cost—are driving the edge. However, edge presents its own challenges, including collection, storage, and querying of data from devices; streaming this data to the cloud to aggregate and extract value; and the limited number and affordability of regional local micro data centers. This session explores key concepts critical to the future of IT and multi-cloud, how the edge is defining the need for new storage technology, and how a private 5G rollout is a viable path to edge and multi-cloud data-as-a-service solutions that are both feasible and affordable. Learn More >

Innovations that Power the Next Generation PowerEdge Servers

Learn how next-gen PowerEdge is advancing customers' ability to innovate, adapt and grow with its autonomous compute infrastructure, adaptive compute offerings and proactive resilience capabilities—all while advancing compute technology for AI and the Edge. Learn More >

All Aboard the PowerStore Train

In this session you’ll learn how the latest PowerStore release leverages innovative technologies to dramatically increase the platform’s business value. Learn More >

Modern Provisioning: Deliver Pre-configured, Ready-to-Work Devices in About 5 Minutes

As IT decision makers, you always need to think one move ahead. Imagine, in the time it takes a chess player to make their opening move, your end users can be up and running on the ideal device configured for their specific work needs. With zero IT touch required, Dell Connected Provisioning provides a solid strategy to deliver devices to end users, wherever they are. Join us to see how we can enhance your game. Learn More >

Building Digital Resiliency in Times of Constant Change

As the pace of change intensifies and digital transformation initiatives accelerate, CIOs are increasingly embedded in their organizations helping to prepare for what's next. Hear first-hand from Dell Technologies CDO & CIO, Jen Felch, about three business imperatives we're embracing and the technologies we're leveraging to reduce costs and improve agility, enable an increasingly digital workforce at scale and create ongoing data-driven value. Learn More >

There’s more to explore; see the full breakout session catalog and plan your journey at Dell Technologies World.

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