The only thing constant


The only thing constant

Cheryl Cook, Senior Vice President, Global Partner Marketing

When Heraclitus, the ancient Greek philosopher, uttered his now famous proverb, “The only thing constant is change”, he could never have imagined just how constant change would be in today’s world.

Looking back on this year of tremendous change, we have experienced accelerated digital transformation, a revolution in customers’ needs, and a dramatic shift in the buyer’s journey. Companies are pivoting business models and investing in a remote workforce to compete in a faster world; beyond tools or solutions, customers seek business outcomes; and buyers—digitally-connected, socially-engaged, and mobile-affixed—expect consistency across the new omni-channel experience. To put it simply: it feels like 3 years of transformation in just 3 months!

Yet, necessity is the mother of invention, and all this change, including the rapid advances in technology and enduring impact of social distancing, is driving remarkable innovation. We are discovering new ways to connect, to create, to progress—and new ways to deliver value to our changing customer, including as-a-Service and flexible consumption models. These evolving market dynamics are driving the need for scalable, elastic infrastructure platforms that give customers a public cloud-like experience, wherever and whenever it makes sense for their workloads.

As Heraclitus would remind us, this change is unstoppable. In fact, it’s only accelerating. To survive, businesses must adapt – a colossal task far easier said than done, and one that shouldn’t be done alone. As we saw time and time again this year, when we all came together and reimagined how to serve our customers and communities, we not only met expectations, we exceeded them. It’s the coming together—the partnerships—that helped us re-imagine what was possible and redesign, rethink, and reshape our future.

At Dell Technologies, we collaborate with over 200,000 Partners, all with unique specialties, capabilities, services, and vertical practices, to design, develop, and deliver the needs of tomorrow, today. With Partners, we move faster, scale quicker, and innovate at speed. There’s strength in numbers, and it’s this interconnectivity and collaboration—the teamwork, the ability in partnerships to both learn and lead simultaneously—that enables us not only to adapt to change, but also, and more important, to drive change, to spur progress.

Next week, at Dell Technologies World, join futurist Nancy Giordano and me, as well Rola Dagher, Denise Millard, and Hayley Tabor, at the Partnering for the Future keynote to discuss how partnerships are critical to preparing for the constant change in our future and explore the exponential power of partnerships to advance human progress. Together, we stop at nothing. Register here.

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