The Innovate with Data track at Dell Technologies World

Innovate with Data

The Innovate with Data track at Dell Technologies World

As the world becomes increasingly more digital, we’re pushing against the limit of human capacity to effectively create new value from the sea of data around us.

Data no longer lives neatly in a handful of centralized locations but is becoming hyper distributed across dozens, hundreds or even thousands of edge locations. Increasingly, this data must be analyzed and acted upon at hyper-speed to meet the needs of innovative real-time use cases.

We believe leaders in the data era will be organizations who go beyond human scale by harnessing emerging technologies to pioneer new solutions and experiences that deliver real-time value to end users at the edge. innovate with data and create new value.

At Dell Technologies World, you can explore ways to unleash the innovative power of data at the edge and beyond. Learn how we’re pioneering the infrastructure, apps, workloads and processes that help you modernize your IT to greatly reduce the time between data creation and innovation.

Follow the Innovating with Data track for conversations about the Dell EMC Power portfolio; Dell Technologies Cloud; Edge; Hybrid Cloud; AI/ML; Workloads; Emerging Tech; Security; 5G; Data Management; Data Protection; Apps: Boomi, VMware Tanzu and Pivotal.

Key breakout session for the Innovating with Data track

All Aboard the PowerStore Train

PowerStore represents a transformational industry shift from traditional SAN infrastructure by offering unprecedented intelligence and flexibility, while enabling entirely new solutions with its AppsON capability. Learn how the latest PowerStore release leverages innovative technologies to dramatically increase the platform’s business value. Learn More >

Can People Become Data Silos?

Organizations have spent years breaking down data silos on the internet. However, one silo is worth preserving and developing into a platform for consumer protection. Can and should we start to explore putting humans in charge of their own data? And how could the emergence of Data Confidence Fabrics enable the transition from applications controlling our data to humans controlling their data? Join us to learn how Dell Technologies’ industry-first trust measurement research can help humans manage their personal data silos. Learn More >

Build Cloud-inspired Data Center Networks with Infrastructure Automation and DevOps

Is the design, deployment and management of your data center network overly complex? Does it take a team of network specialists days to make changes? In today’s environment you need a modern network fabric that can be deployed in minutes and is highly automated. Your network should be integrated with the same tools you use to manage your virtualized servers, storage and networks. Hear how Dell Technologies SmartFabric solutions can make your vision a reality. Learn More >

Reveal the Full Potential of Your Data with AI

In this story-driven session, we will illustrate how you can use the progression of analytics through AI to generate revenue and improve processes in your business. We'll look at both current and future use cases, and help you understand how AI will influence an entire ecosystem of businesses around you. Moving forward, your data and your AI practice will be the source of competitive advantage. Be sure to attend this critical session to learn what you can do today to prepare! Learn More >

Using Dell EMC PowerScale to Drive More Innovation from Your Unstructured Data

While most organizations understand unstructured data is an asset for innovation, many continue to struggle with storing, managing and analyzing this data. This session will discuss new and existing capabilities of Dell EMC PowerScale, Isilon and OneFS that make it easy to handle your most demanding workloads and leverage unstructured data across public clouds, edge locations and on-premises. You will also hear the latest on integration with leading cloud providers and how customers are driving better business outcomes with PowerScale. Learn More >

Ask the Experts, Hands-on labs and interactive demos

Getting the Most Value Out of Real-Time Streaming Data: How to Collect It and Analyze It?

Chat with experts about what streaming data is, how it can be utilized effectively for real-time business insights, and how an organization can pivot their current infrastructure to utilize this type of data quickly and with minimal effort. Learn More >

Containers, Docker and Kubernetes 101

Containers are exploding onto the application development scene and Docker has become the predominant container engine of choice. By taking advantage of Docker’s methodologies for shipping, testing, and deploying code quickly, you can significantly reduce the delay between writing code and running it in production. This lab explores the how, what, and why of containers, walks through Docker as the container engine of choice and introduces the concept of container management and orchestration using Kubernetes. Learn More >

Boomi - Integration made Easy

Imagine customers sign up for your newsletter on your website using on online form. The information in the form is sent to an FTP site in an XML format. You need to get this data and put it into an Excel spreadsheet. Sound hard? In this demo, learn how Boomi makes this process drag-and-drop easy. Learn More >

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