The future needs all of us.


The future needs all of us.

When technology and data are combined with indomitable human spirit, positive forces are unleashed in the world.

Over the next decade, Dell Technologies has pledged to leverage our expertise, global scale and broad technology portfolio to create a meaningful and measurable impact on our society and the planet.

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"We are so proud of the shared commitments our customers and partners have to social impact. At Dell, we know customers and partners are critical to achieving our Progress Made Real 2030 goals. Dell Technologies World offers a unique opportunity for us to come together, identify ways we can collaborate and drive meaningful progress."

—Christine Fraser, Chief Responsibility Officer, Dell Technologies

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The world faces challenges that are complicated, multilayered and can sometimes seem insurmountable. Christine Fraser, Chief Responsibility Officer, Dell Technologies, remains optimistic and believes in the transformative power of passionate people, who when equipped with technology can create real change and material outcomes for society.

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The engines of human progress.


Delve into innovation and emerging technologies.

The engines of human progress.


Sustainability, inclusion and transforming lives through the power of technology.

The engines of human progress.

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