The CIO for the next data decade.


The CIO for the next data decade.

Technology has been an enabler of human potential and progress for centuries. As transformation accelerates, the role of technology will continue to grow. We see change happening every day as organizations adopt emerging technologies like AI, IoT and AR. It’s progress at the speed of technology.

Your role as CIO has evolved, too. You’re in the business of changing things, not managing things. This places you at the forefront of moving your organization further, faster.

Organizations everywhere understand the imperative for change:

  • 60% of global business leaders believe all employees will need to become experts in technology by 2030. *
  • 83% agree that the way they collaborate, and work will be transformed for the better – thanks to emerging technologies. *
  • 85% predict people will continually learn new skills in-the-moment as the pace of change accelerates. *

*Realizing 2030: The Future of Work

What do you need to survive and thrive in the next data decade?

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