“Paws” and relax at the Dell Technologies World Experience


“Paws” and relax at the Dell Technologies World Experience

There’s a lot to learn and discover while you visit the Dell Technologies World Digital Experience. With a full two days of visionary keynotes, guru sessions, customer stories and breakouts, you may need a break from the action.

That’s why we’re not only bringing together business leaders, IT professionals, coders, gamers, engineers and executives — we’re also bringing therapy dogs.

Yes, therapy dogs. Any time you feel like you need a break, or a pick-me-up with a very good boy or girl, your furry friends from Michael’s Angel Paws will be right there waiting.

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About Michael’s Angel Paws
Michael’s Angel Paws was established in 2012 and provides therapy dog and service dog services. They also offer owner and canine training plus certification testing for therapy dogs and service dogs. Other places where the dogs work are hospices, schools, hospitals and retirement homes.

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