OEM’s are at the forefront of digital transformation

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OEM’s are at the forefront of digital transformation

From an OEM perspective, increasing edge computing and as-a-service demands will accelerate the need for the right compute, connectivity and storage as well as more flexible hardware and software platforms. Dell Technologies World will prepare you to harness the transformative power of today’s technology – and be ready for whatever comes next.

Discover the latest products and solutions that enable real digital transformation. which is helping to redefine many industries, opening up new business models and driving innovation. This transformation is generating a host of business opportunities with IDC predicting that the Edge computing market will reach $250.6 billion by 2024. Recognizing the critical importance of the edge, and in addition to all that Dell Technologies World offers, there are a number of sessions we think you won’t want to miss.

Top 3 Recommended Sessions:

Designing Industry-grade Platforms for Performance and Remote Management at the Edge

Can your product in the back of a Jeep go on- and offline as needed, prevent tampering, or stay up to date automatically? Learn how Dell Technologies can help you develop products with embedded next-gen technologies that are ready to deploy from cloud to the far edge, go to market quickly and scale globally.

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Get Smart: Intelligent Solutions at the Industrial Edge

As manufacturing companies strive to improve productivity, they are challenged by new applications proliferating at the edge. Business infrastructure must securely scale outside of the datacenter to succeed. Learn more in this session about smart factory solutions developed by Dell Technologies, VMware and PTC. By taking a smart, scalable end-to-end approach to factory design with a flexible, on-demand consumption model, manufacturers can transform their operations.

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Stop Trying, Start Doing. 5 proven ways to move from proof-of-concept to productive edge platform

Edge computing can transform your business with real-time capabilities. But the reality is often less glamorous with many IoT and edge computing implementations stuck in proof-of-concept mode. If you are thinking about edge computing, testing it, or trying to figure out how to move beyond an initial implementation, then this session is for you! Learn from a practical 5-point approach to building a platform for edge computing that enables workload flexibility, operational efficiency so you can gain a competitive advantage.

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Other sessions we think you’ll find interesting:


Product & technology:

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