Map your journey at Dell Technologies World


Map your journey at Dell Technologies World

You come to Dell Technologies World to learn about the latest products and services your organization needs to succeed. We’re excited to show you how we’re transforming the IT experience to give you the cloud-enabled, on-demand simplicity, flexibility and predictability your organization needs to unleash the promises of our data-centric future.

The rich technical content at Dell Technologies World is arranged to make it easy for you to find the breakout sessions, Hands-on labs, interactive demos and live Q&A discussions that match your business imperatives.

In this series we take a deep dive into each content track and highlight a sampling of what you can expect at Dell Technologies World.

Learning Track: Modernize Security for IT Resilience

To protect your business against cyber threats, it’s not enough to just protect your infrastructure; you also need to protect your applications and data because these are your most valuable assets. We’re focused on making security intrinsic and pervasive from endpoints to infrastructure to applications.

If security and data protection are top priorities for your organization, consider these offerings at Dell Technologies World. View All Sessions >

Breakout sessions

Innovative Data Protection for Multi-cloud Workloads

As more enterprises adopt a multi-cloud strategy, they need a complete data protection solution across on-premises infrastructure and the public cloud. In this session, explore recent innovations and expanded in-cloud and backup-to-cloud capabilities of the PowerProtect portfolio. And discover how Dell Technologies can deliver the automated, cost-efficient data protection that you need for all your cloud use cases. Learn More >

Proactive Resilience with PowerEdge Servers

Dell Technologies 2020 Digital Transformation Index found that data privacy and cybersecurity concerns are the No. 1 barrier to digital transformation. Dell Technologies Cyber Resilient Architecture, aligned to NIST guidelines, spans from design to manufacture, deployment and decommission. This serves as the bedrock for organizations to secure data and infrastructure. Hear about the innovative technologies behind Dell Technologies trusted platforms and solutions. Learn More >

Protecting Business and Customer Data in the Age of Ransomware

As cyber-attacks continue to evolve with ransomware playing havoc, organizations are in dire need of protecting their business-critical data. Dell EMC PowerProtect Cyber Recovery provides the needed protection, isolation and intelligence businesses require to recover from catastrophic cyber-attacks. In this session, learn from industry experts about how modern cyber solutions safeguard your business reputation by protecting your critical data from the edge to the core data center to the cloud. Learn More >

Increase Cyber Resilience: Recover with Confidence after a Destructive Attack

With cyber-attacks increasingly in the news, organizations of all sizes across public and private sectors are asking "Can we recover?" as they look to increase their cyber resilience and be better prepared for “what if?” scenarios. It’s now become a matter of when an organization will be impacted, not if. It’s critical to the long-term success of the business to proactively integrate a mature recovery capability within its incident response plan. Join us to learn from our experts so you can confidently recover and build resilience. Learn More >

Improving Cyber Agility: Utilize an AI-driven, Zero-trust Approach

Bad actors continue to innovate and target the public sector, including vulnerable remote employees and students, and supply chain weak links. This session will explore steps to improve cyber agility, including adopting zero trust and implementing automation and AI. We will discuss why leaders are placing a high priority on modernizing cyber recovery strategies and showcase the newest technologies to protect critical data from ransomware and destructive cyber-attacks. Learn More >

Related Hands-on Labs and Interactive Demos

RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines - Deployment, On-Prem and Cloud Protection and Management

In this hands-on lab you will learn how to use the RecoverPoint for VMs H5 Plugin to gain a better understanding of the system and view protected VM; Perform a test recovery on a protected VM; Use RecoverPoint for VMs plugin to protect a VM both locally and remotely as well as control orchestration features; Simple and advanced protection; Configure Automated Re-IP to change the IP configuration on the replica side; Create application-consistent bookmark using KVSS; Perform end-to-end deployment of RP4VMs and replicate to AWS and perform recovery in the cloud; And automate using RP4VMs vRealize Automation plugin. Interactive demo also available. Learn More >

PowerProtect Data Manager

PowerProtect Data Manager is an enterprise solution designed for centralized and self-service copy orchestration, automated Service Level Objectives (SLO) compliance, and actionable insight that optimizes efficiency. This lab provides the following modules: Overview of PowerProtect Data Manager User Interface; Protect Virtual Machines: Discover VMs, Perform Crash Consistent and Application Aware Backups; Protect and Restore SQL and Oracle Databases; Protect Kubernetes Workload; Restore PVCs to a Different Namespace on an Alternate Cluster; Protect Exchange Workload; Protect Filesystem using Exclusion Filters; Protect and Recover Windows File System and File Indexing and Search. Learn More >

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery maintains mission-critical business data and technology configurations in a secure 'vault' environment that can be used for cyber recovery. Lab modules: Explore PowerProtect Cyber Recovery GUI; Data Analysis using Index Engines CyberSense; NetWorker Automated Recovery; PPDM data recovery; Sheltered Harbor and Unisys Stealth. Interactive demo also available. Learn More >

PowerProtect DD

With PowerProtect DD as part of your IT infrastructure, you can meet all the demands of data protection. Conquer the challenge of protecting mission-critical data with modern protection storage and explore our best-in-category solutions for your on-premise, virtualized and cloud computing needs. Lab modules: Use DDBoost FS to connect to PowerProtect DD and share files; Protecting an SQL database to a BoostFS storage unit; Managing and monitoring multiple Data Domain deployments with PowerProtect Data Management Center; Configuring secure multitenant on Data Domain; Creating an Mtree replication context between ddve-01 and ddve-02 free-space estimator. Learn More >

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