Looking forward to Dell Technologies World


Looking forward to Dell Technologies World

Jonathan Toulon, President, CONVERGED User Group

We are living in a future we could not have predicted decades ago. A future accelerated even more because of the impact of 2020 and our forced and quick adoption of living and working in a remote world. While many companies were already there, 2020 propelled many of us technologists and consumers to think and live differently. And while I think we are all ready to move on, there are many lessons, products and solutions we relied on this past year that will continue to evolve with us as we move forward.

Which is only one of the reasons I am looking forward to Dell Technologies World 2021 - my go-to event for learning the latest and greatest in how Dell Technologies and its customers are advancing industries forward. An event at which I not only leave inspired but ready to explore new opportunities for my organization. This year, it is even more relevant and more necessary. 2020 tested our organizations, our infrastructure and our ability to scale to remote work quickly and securely.

I want to learn more about the emerging trends in data and infrastructure technologies and how other customers are re-imagining their approach toward converged and hyperconverged infrastructure and strategies for the multi-cloud world. I am excited to learn about Project APEX and the impact and opportunity it creates for all customers and how we consume and deliver our technologies and how others plan to do so as well.

As President of the CONVERGED User Group and Global Infrastructure & Cybersecurity Leader at Mohawk Industries – it is my job to be informed about what is coming and inspire others to learn more. I see Dell Technologies World as an opportunity to canvass what is most important to our members – specifically about the evolution of CI and HCI product portfolio and what it can enable for customers. Some of the sessions I am looking most forward to participating in are:

But it is also about the people and the connections we make at this event. While it may not be the same networking in person, the virtual event does make it possible for us to continue to connect with other experts and users – and that adds tremendous value.

You will be able to find me and other members of the CONVERGED User Group in the Connect area of the program – I hope to see you there!

Join us at Dell Technologies World 2021.

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