How services can help deliver the possibilities of a data-driven world


How services can help deliver the possibilities of a data-driven world

By Ricardo Calderon, Vice President, Services Marketing, Dell Technologies

It’s no longer theoretical. The digital future has arrived. New ways of living, learning and working have kept us resilient—and opened new ways to grow and thrive.

Leveraging the right services can significantly speed up and simplify your ability to seize new opportunities. That’s why I hope you’ll join us at Dell Technologies World 2021. You can learn about services innovations that help you achieve your objectives, faster—while reducing effort, risk, cost and uncertainty.

All About the Experience

Ultimately, success depends on the quality of customer and end user experience. We have a great roster of sessions that explain how Dell Technologies Services can help you deliver!

Modern Provisioning: Deliver Pre-Configured, Ready-To-Work Devices In About 5 Minutes

Learn how you can improve end user experience and productivity with fully configured, ready-to-work devices shipped direct to each user. Now you can manage the entire registration, enrollment, and configuration process using your own Unified Endpoint Management solution. Submit it via the Dell TechDirect portal and we take care of the rest!

Increase Cyber Resilience: Recover with Confidence after a Destructive Attack

Do you have the technology, resources, and processes in place to recover from a cyber-attack? Learn how you can gain peace of mind about your ability to reliably recover business-critical processes, applications, and operations. Listen as our experts describe how they bring stakeholders from business, security, and IT together to develop an integrated strategy, roadmap, and program, aligned with business continuity requirements. Build your cyber resilience now, so you can recover with confidence.

Countdown to Launch: Delivering Modern, Intelligent Support Services for PCs

24x7 support? Priority access to experts? Proactive alerts and recommendations? Those are just table stakes. With the focus on end-user experience and IT staff working outside the office, capabilities like remote remediation, actionable intelligence, fleet visibility, and health scores at-a-glance are driving the support evolution. Get a peek into what’s coming as we put telemetry to work and respond to your requests for more automated and customized support.

A Case Study: Empowering Frontline Humanitarian Workers to Reach Communities Far and Wide

Hear first-hand from the CEO and CTO of GOAL, a global humanitarian organization based in Ireland, how optimizing technology experiences for front-line workers resulted in dramatically transforming more lives. They’ll share how they partnered with Dell Technologies Services to define their overall IT strategy, measure employee experiences, and prioritize their action plan. Through the use of our AI-powered employee experience measurement (EXM) services, GOAL was able to understand where technology experiences needed improvement (and why), and Dell's analysis and action plan showed which areas would have the greatest impact on improving employee satisfaction and effectiveness. Join this session to hear the story and see the results.

Maximize the Value of Project APEX Storage as-a-Service

As the market shifts to accommodate higher levels of agility and flexibility in the way data storage is consumed, Project APEX Storage as-a-Service focuses on driving simplicity with technology that’s seamlessly managed for you. Join us for an informative view on how Dell Technologies delivers a simplified as-a-Service experience, including insights on the Customer Success Manager, your trusted advisor through every stage of your Project APEX journey.

Enterprise Services for Your Hybrid Cloud Environment

As IT organizations seek to advance the quality of experience for diverse stakeholders and distributed teams, they face growing complexity and limited budgets and resources. Our experts monitor, operate, and optimize hybrid cloud operations for varied and demanding environments every day. We can help you move from legacy to agile, modern aaS solutions--on-prem and in the cloud. We’re ready to start where you are and work alongside you to achieve your outcomes.

Accelerating Your Next-generation IT Marketplace

Our personal experiences with frictionless transactions as digital commerce consumers have elevated expectations for what engaging with IT should be like. Learn how best practices from Dell Technologies Services can simplify creating a next-generation IT consumption model for your organization on the ServiceNow platform. In this session, we’ll show you what a next-generation IT marketplace looks like, and demonstrate how the intuitive, simplified experience for your IT consumers also simplifies and automates IT operations.

Let’s keep learning and moving forward together. We can help you be ready for whatever comes next. Please join us at Dell Technologies World 2021 on May 5-6!

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