Gain flexibility in an on-demand world


Gain flexibility in an on-demand world

If this year has taught us anything, it’s how resilient our customers are. You’ve proven that you can deliver IT faster than you probably ever thought possible. Now, you play a critical role in keeping up that momentum, helping your organization seize opportunities and gain competitive advantage. But innovating in the face of time, money and resource constraints will require simpler, more agile IT. And without a crystal ball to predict tomorrow’s ups or downs, you need choice and flexibility in how you consume that IT, specifically in the form of as-a-service where you pay as you use technology and shift fixed costs to variable costs.

Many have turned to the ease and flexibility of public cloud as a quick solution to these requirements. But that, too, comes with its own set of challenges, including bandwidth, latency and security issues. The reality is some workloads require the performance and security of on-prem infrastructure, and our customers need the best of both worlds. Enter Dell Technologies On Demand. We’re not in the market of crystal balls, but it’s the next best thing.

Dell Technologies On Demand is the industry’s broadest end-to-end portfolio of flexible consumption and as-a-service solutions, giving you the ease of public cloud and the power of on-prem computing. What does that mean? Pay as you go or pay as you use, elastically scaling up or down to align with your organization’s growth forecasts. Enhance your agility with on-demand access to increased capacity. Free up time to focus on strategic initiatives by having our technology experts manage your IT infrastructure on your behalf – as a service. And take the guesswork out of running any workload, anywhere, with integrated, full-stack solutions—all powered by our leading-edge infrastructure, from desktop to data center, edge to cloud.

Join us at Dell Technologies World Experience to hear more about our as-a-service strategy. And for more details about Dell Technologies On Demand, be sure to join the session titled, “Dell Technologies On Demand: Gain more flexibility in today’s on-demand world” and check out Dell Technologies On Demand in the virtual expo. We’ll see you there!

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