Focus on: Telecom Systems Business


Focus on: Telecom Systems Business

Dell Technologies World is where you’ll see how to take your IT strategy forward into the data era. Harness the transformative power of technology and be ready for whatever comes next.

Dell Technologies is uniquely positioned to help you bring your Telecom strategy into the open and disaggregated era. Dell Technologies can help transform your operations, modernize your network and enhance your services portfolio. We will work with you to enable the flexibility, simplicity, scalability and cloud-native capabilities necessary to accelerate innovation and revenue growth.

At Dell Technologies World you have access to three sessions dedicated to Telecom and Communication Service Providers. These sessions highlight how Dell Technologies is the perfect partner for your transformation journey.

Why Infrastructure-as-code is the Future for Communication Service Providers

As the demand for extremely distributed, low latency, and high bandwidth services increases across industries, so does the need for cloud infrastructure to make these resources available on demand. Although the path can be challenging, the business benefits can be significant. In this session we discuss the requirements for building an open, heterogenous, efficient, and agile foundation to meet technology needs. Learn More >

Modernizing the Telecommunications Network to Accelerate Revenue Growth

The telecommunications industry continues to show interest in modernizing their network with cloud-native architectures to drive new revenue growth. In this session, we will look at how Dell Technologies and VMware are partnering to help kickstart adoption, creating an agile and open platform for scalability and revenue growth. Learn More >

What is Open RAN, and why should you care?

Open RAN has become one of the hottest topics in telecommunications as operators prepare for their transition to 5G. Open RAN represents a significant shift from proprietary and closed systems to an open and disaggregated architecture. This new architecture provides operators with flexibility and choice to deploy the RAN solution needed to support customers. It also fosters faster innovation, including new revenue-generating services that will serve vertical markets. This session will have an interactive discussion on Open RAN technologies, including benefits and how it enables new services in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and others. Learn More >

Let’s move forward together at Dell Technologies World May 5 ─ 6, online from anywhere.

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