Plan a visit to Sponsor Connect during the Dell Technologies World Experience


Plan a visit to Sponsor Connect during the Dell Technologies World Experience

Sponsor Connect gives you extraordinary access to the essential companies you do business with every day, featuring the biggest players in the industry. It’s where you can discover new technologies and inspiring solutions from a wide range of Dell Technologies partners.

Check out these featured sessions from our sponsors.


Preparing for a Destructive Cyber-Attack

Destructive cyberattacks are on the rise and organizations are finding their traditional recovery and continuity plans ill-equipped to handle the effects. In this session participants will hear lessons from recent cyberattacks and how they can better protect critical business services through cyber recovery capabilities offered by Deloitte and Dell Technologies.


The New Face of Business Client Computing – Powering Your Greatest Contribution

In the workplace of the future, the best talent is doing their best work. They require technology that is performant, predictive and personal. Examine the rapidly evolving work environment and how to enable a modern, productive workplace where end users have the PC experience they expect for the work they do, and IT and service providers can achieve their goals of protecting valuable data and assets, limiting company risk, and driving cost-effective device management. Power employees’ greatest contributions and be ready for modern business demands.

KIOXIA America Inc. 

Why You Need an SSD Strategy for your Digital Transformation

Data storage is a critical element for the digital transformation of the data center. There are a number of trends occurring in the marketplace to consider as workloads and usage cases continue to evolve. Dell Technologies understands the importance of high-performing, reliable SSDs in PowerEdge servers, leading to increased application productivity. With various flash drive interfaces, form factors and technology transitions, it is important to understand the Dell Technologies flash storage strategy to keep customer data secure and always high performing. In particular, SATA SSD technology is maturing and there are new options that provide a higher application performance-to-dollar value than SATA SSDs. See Dell EMC and SSD maker KIOXIA (formerly Toshiba Memory) present and match the best SSDs to the most widely used applications on PowerEdge servers.


Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Solutions from Microsoft and Dell Technologies

Microsoft and Dell Technologies are focused on helping you modernize your apps and infrastructure using Hybrid Cloud architectures.

With Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers, Windows Admin Center, Azure Arc, Windows Server 2019, soon to be released Azure Stack HCI, you can transform your on-premises environment to a secure, hybrid, and hyper-converged infrastructure backed by Azure.

Dell EMC has partnered with Microsoft to co-engineer and provide joint support for the full Azure Stack family of Solutions: Azure Stack Hub, Azure Stack HCI and Azure Stack Edge.


Delivering Innovation at the Edge with VMware

For low-latency and high-throughput applications such as AR/VR, gaming, industrial automation and autonomous driving, Edge cloud is emerging as the cloud to deliver mission-critical, innovative experiences to end-users. In this session, learn how VMware’s Edge strategy will enable you to design and deploy a scalable edge network with a unified and intelligent telco cloud platform.

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