Breakout Sessions at Dell Technologies World: The Technology Track


Breakout Sessions at Dell Technologies World: The Technology Track

Breakout sessions are a must at Dell Technologies World. We pack 500 sessions into four days. There are more than 200 topics on the agenda—from the intensely technical to pragmatic business imperatives.

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The Technology Trackis geared toward IT practitioners, managers, admins and architects and focuses on products and services. The Technology Track is where you’ll learn practical skills and steps to solve your unique technical challenges and maximize your IT investment. This track covers a broad range of topics at all levels of technical competency to help you drive better business outcomes.

Consider this session: Baremetal Kubernetes on Dell EMC PowerEdge: Zero-to-Hero

Led by Kris Applegate – Sr. Solutions Consultant, Customer Solution Centers

Everywhere you look in today’s enterprises, you’ll find teams that need to leverage the powerful capabilities of cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes to remain agile and competitive. Anyone who has tried to digest the sheer volume of information about how to run Kubernetes in the datacenter may feel like they’re drowning.

In this session, the Dell Technologies Customer Solution Centers (CSC) will offer a life-preserver. With 19 global locations, the CSCs are where customers and partners bring their technical experts to engage directly with our subject-matter experts and explore how the Dell Technologies solution portfolio can reduce the burden of running Kubernetes.

We’ll start at the bottom and build up a cluster to run Kubernetes workloads. We’ll cover reasons why you may choose baremetal or virtualized. Following that, we’ll give a variety of use-cases that suggest leveraging one Dell EMC PowerEdge platform over another.

Together we’ll work through a step-by-step process for installing the pre-requisites, the runtimes, and the upstream Kubernetes binaries to turn this collection of PowerEdge servers into a lean, mean, container-running machine. Finally, we’ll place several different workloads on this cluster to demonstrate how we can run anything from a simple web server, to a complex data analytics framework, to an interactive AI/ML workbook.

You’ll learn that if you need to build a cloud-native Kubernetes infrastructure, run applications on it, or manage all the different instances of it, you can leverage our experienced experts as a force-multiplier for your operations, developers and IT leadership.

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