Boost your career in 30 minutes. Breakout sessions let you take a deeper dive into topics that matter to you most


Boost your career in 30 minutes. Breakout sessions let you take a deeper dive into topics that matter to you most

With so much accelerated change, keeping up with the latest industry trends and insights often gets put off to the side. Don’t worry, that’s where the Dell Technologies World Experience breakout sessions come in.

This year, we’re featuring more than 85 breakouts, interactive demos and hands-on labs live and on-demand. Each session is designed to take less than 30 minutes of your time and is focused on what you need to know to help your business thrive.

To help you start planning your agenda today, we’ve picked out three trends we’ve been keeping an eye on and the sessions you don’t want to miss.

Security and Data Protection

Protecting your business starts with protecting your data. These two sessions will walk through the latest appliance and software solutions for protecting your data no matter where it lives — on-premises and in the cloud.

Address risk and accelerate innovation with intrinsic security

Security doesn’t need another new product, it needs a new approach; one that is resilient, intelligent and automated, with security built in. In this session we’ll discuss how security can be positioned to help address risk and accelerate innovation by streamlining processes when taking advantage of the increasing consolidation of security and infrastructure.

Ease the burden of your data protection operations with expert managed services

Managing data protection environments can be complicated, costly and time consuming. Companies are looking for ways to ease these burdens and consume what they need in an easy, flexible way. Learn why you should pair our industry-leading data protection solutions with our managed services, all delivered as a Service.


There’s a lot of data out there! How can the latest storage solutions help you unlock the value of your data for your business? These next two session have you covered.

Midrange State of the Union: Introducing Dell EMC PowerStore

Built from the ground up to maximize the performance of advanced storage and networking technologies, PowerStore offers a practical, cost-effective method to unify your on-prem, cloud and hybrid cloud strategies Get a detailed view of the PowerStore architecture — including an all NVMe design, hardware-accelerated data reduction, unified block/file/vVOL support, microservices-based architecture and an AI/ML-based Resource Balancer.

Kubernetes-based, software-defined object storage

Learn about our next-generation object storage platform, ECS.Next. This latest innovation, deployable in a standalone software-defined package or through VMware’s integrated software stack, will empower organizations to implement a no-compromise, enterprise-class object storage solution with a true scale-out architecture. With rich S3 compatibility and self-service APIs, developers can quickly spin up object storage containers to fuel everything from our Streaming Data Platform to big data applications and ephemeral dev/test sandboxes.

End-User Computing

How can you keep employees engaged, productive and coming up with new ideas? Spend 30 minutes in each of these two sessions to find out which end-user computing solutions could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Remote work solutions that empower you to work from anywhere

As remote work requirements continue to expand worldwide, customers are seeing gaps in their technology and processes used to empower their remote workers, the applications they use, and the infrastructure that powers them. In this session, we’ll cover the end-to-end joint Dell/VMware solutions that enable our customers to develop a robust remote work strategy.

No office required for innovation: Accelerate your flexible workforce strategy

Overnight we collectively experienced a mass migration from working in a physical office location to working primarily from home. Learn how you can keep your employees inspired, engaged and productive no matter where they are with software and hardware solutions from Dell Technologies.

Explore more than 80+ breakout sessions, interactive demos and Hands-On labs live and on-demand. 

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Which one are you most excited about? Let us know on Twitter, and make sure to sign up so you can access the entire Dell Technologies World Digital Experience on October 21-22.

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